Growing in the Community

Students develop motor skills and learn useful lessons while out in the community, engaging in:

Volunteer Work

at places like local food banks and the community churches

Healthy Physical Exercise

through playing games and sports at local parks

Eating Out

at places in the community, like the Irvine Spectrum

Other Recreation

such as bowling and miniature golf

These activities not only get students acclimated to society; they serve as vocational training, too. While volunteering and having fun, students can become proficient in job-related abilities.


Dreams of America tailors its program to meet the needs of all students while maximizing skill development, offering both on-site and off-site activities for all. We offer:

Music Classes

Money Management

Basic Computer Skills

Physical Exercises

Mobility Training

Meal Preparation

Safety Awareness

Vocational Training

Arts and Crafts

Field Trips

volunteership, recreational outings, and job training

Simple Reading and Writing

exercises in our Reading Room

Other Kinds

of socialization/recreation, like dancing

Creating Positive Life Cycles Through Employment

Independent living starts with developing basic, but important life skills. Once our students start honing these skills, they start becoming employable. This is an incredibly exciting milestone for our students because they’re able to use the abilities they’ve developed to gain employment, creating a powerful cycle of personal growth, self-worth and agency.

Although we cannot guarantee employment, we work hard with our network of businesses and vendors in the community to help our students acquire jobs, supported employment and/or volunteer work.

Individual Support Plans (ISPs)

Students have their own Individual Support Plans that include their personal goals. Dreams of America reviews these goals every year, or as needed. Families are encouraged to participate in goal creation, and a survey is administered to both the students and their families on an annual basis. The survey is used to review current and future goals, and to address any concerns.


Transportation to and from the Dreams of America facility is provided free of charge by ACCESS, an Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) service.